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The dashboard gives you the overall install/ uninstall numbers. You can also get a quick look at your recent install/ uninstall numbers, uninstall numbers based on the user acquisition source and much more. Our data is the most accurate in the market.

Why did people Uninstall?

A quick way to analyze the reason behind uninstallations is to examine the last event preceding it. The driving factor might be a push notification, a dissatisfactory search, a crash, etc. This chart shows the major events that happened exactly before the uninstallation.

uninstall sources
retention analytics

Retention Data

How soon after downloading are users uninstalling? This chart will give you the exact picture of when people are leaving.

Detailed Insights with Cohort Reports

Use our cohort reports to take an in-depth look at your app. Which user-acquisition sources lead to higher uninstallation numbers? Within what time-frames do these uninstallations take place? Get valuable insights to dramatically improve your advertising ROI.

cohort reports
raw data reports

Custom Analytics from Raw Data

We offer you raw user data - Device ID/ Advertising ID, Email ID (Android), App version, Operating system, Free disk space, Network details, Uninstall and Install date & time, last in-app action before uninstall and more.
Use our raw data to prepare your own custom reports. For example you can do a correlation analysis of the free disk space vis a vis the uninstallation rate .

Win Back your Lost Users

Use our raw data to reach out to the users who uninstalled. You can run a survey to find out exactly why they uninstalled. If a specific problem leads to a large number of uninstallations, you can re-invite them through email or a retargeting campaign once you have resolved that problem.

reachout to uninstalled users

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