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Track uninstalls with or without SDK. Understand uninstallation reasons. Win back lost users.

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Analyze Why

Are users uninstalling because of push notifications? Or is it due to crashes, storage space, signup failure, payment failure, search failure, location, device problems, etc.? Analyze the exact parameters causing app uninstalls and take action to retain users.

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Identify Money-leaking Campaigns

Which marketing campaigns are failing to retain users? Users from which channels are uninstalling more? Identify the loss-making channels so that you can focus on the channels with the best user retention rates.

Re-target uninstalled user

We provide you with the raw data of every user who uninstalled and what led to the uninstallation. Reach out to them and win back your lost users.

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predict Prediction Engine Potential Uninstalls

Predict, Prevent and Prevail (Beta)

Use our proprietary prediction engine to predict which specific users are likely to uninstall your app in the future. Take actions to make them stay. (Currently in Beta).

The Data Warehouse: Answer Complex Questions

We auto-load your data in our state of the art data-warehousing solution. You can run dynamic queries and generate custom analytical reports without building a data pipeline. All at the click of a button.

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